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Sharing Circle

Next event on 21 November

Before I start… In the following text I use the term woman/women. I am aware that binary approach is obsolete and doesn’t meet the needs of today’s society. I’d love you to know that any person who has identified as a woman in any moment of their life or lives in a female body is wholeheartedly invited. I welcome your suggestions on how to make the following text better reflect this invitation.


Sharing circle is a gathering of women for women, where women have the freedom to share, to listen from their hearts and to be heard in safe and supportive environment.

In October 2021 I organized the first yoga workshop dedicated to women (Yoga for Easier Period). It was there, where I fully understood the immense power of freely expressing and witnessing one’s experience of being a woman. What I had thought would be a chatty introduction to the workshop turned out to be the most important part of it – the sharing circle.

As one of the lovely participants said to me in an email after this workshop – there are so many aspects of woman’s life that we all live through but rarely have the chance to share honestly and vulnerably, in the end we may feel lonely. Why not create an open-hearted support network, a circle where we can come as we are and share the content of our minds and hearts?

You’re wholeheartedly invited.

Leaning into our cycle

tentative theme

Our lives are guided by natural cycles and that of a woman even more. Why not open our first Sharing Circle by tapping into the wisdom of our menstrual and/or life cycle and share our journey of getting to know, befriending and aligning with the cyclical nature of our lives? 

The questions you may want to ask yourself are; how do I perceive my period? Do I feel aligned with my menstrual cycle? In which life phase am I now as a woman and how do I feel about it? How do I feel about ageing? What does femininity mean to me? What would I want my 15 year old Self to know? And many more… 

I’d like to make sure that women of any age feel invited and welcomed. It would be truly valuable to have women of all ages and in all stages of life. 

If this topic doesn’t resonate with you or there’s a pressing thought waiting to be shared, know that the theme is tentative and you are encouraged to talk about anything that comes through you at the moment of gathering. 

Where: In person in Etterbeek, Brussels (details upon registration)


When: Sunday 21 November, 18:00-19:30


Contribution: 10 EUR

Not sure if this is the right match for you? Would you like to ask me anything about this offering? Send me a message via this contact form. 


I am so excited to co-create this lovely gathering with you.



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