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Prenatal Yoga

Allow your body and mind ease into pregnancy and motherhood

Pregnancy is a wonderous time in person’s life. Filled with excitement, expectations, changes and transitions, but perhaps also discomfort, uncertainty or fear. 

Prenatal yoga is a gift for a mom-to-be as it helps her on physical, mental and emotional level to connect with her changing body, with her growing baby, and to learn practices and techniques that ease the journey to motherhood and prepare for birth and beyond. 

Joining an in-person prenatal class is also a lovely way to meet fellow moms-to-be and enjoy this time in supportive community.


Classes are suitable for any pregnant person from 12th week of pregnancy, who is cleared to do yoga by their doctor. Even if you have no experience with yoga, you are very welcomed! 

And what exactly does prenatal yoga “do”?

  • Support to your changing body (physical and emotional)

  • Tones muscle groups important for birth

  • Helps to prepare for labour and delivery

  • Facilitates connection with your baby

  • Help relieve common pregnancy symptoms (carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen ankles, insomnia, shortness of breath etc.)

  • Helps to manage stress, fear and anxiety

  • In person participation allows you to make friends with likeminded moms-to-be (and community is everything!)




Where: In person in Etterbeek (rue Champ du Roi), Brussels

When: Mondays 18:00-19:00



Supporter: 18 EUR

Regular: 15 EUR

Try-out discount code*: FIRSTTIME (40% off "supporter" price)

*if you've never taken a class with Petra

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