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Postnatal Yoga
babies welcome

"There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one"

Congratulations, dear one. You’ve welcomed your baby earth-side and you have become mama to a beautiful angel soul. I imagine that you’ve been experiencing so much! From big emotions of all sorts, through major changes and adjustments in the rhythm of your grown family, to getting-to-know and healing your body after birth. I would love to hold space for you and support you and your baby on your post-birth journey with time tested yoga tools.

Postnatal yoga classes provide precious time for the mama to slow down, re-connect with her body, participate actively in its healing process and coaxing it towards strength and fitness. It’s also a valuable moment to bond with the baby and make friends with other new mamas.

It takes a whole village to raise a child. Yet, modern age and expat life in Brussels often leaves young families to their own devices. Let’s enjoy precious community time, where we can share and hold space for each other together with your bundles of love. There's nothing like knowing you're not alone.

What are the physical, mental and emotional benefits of participating in postnatal yoga for new moms?

  • Supports body’s healing post birth

  • Relieves back and shoulder tension, opens chest

  • Facilitates proper breathing

  • Strengthens pelvic floor and abdominal muscles 

  • Builds stamina

  • Improves calm resolve and mental resilience

  • Allows for rest and restoration

  • Facilitates baby bonding and community time

Although the class focuses primarily on the mama and her wellbeing, you are welcome to bring your baby along. We will enjoy a short bonding moment and perhaps a baby massage at the start of a class, when babies are present.

Classes are recommended for women from 6 weeks after birth (8 weeks in case of caesarian) cleared by their doctor to follow a postnatal yoga class. Babies are welcome to participate until they start crawling.

Upon registration, you will receive a health questionnaire to fill in ahead of your first class.



Where: In person in Etterbeek (rue Champ du Roi), Brussels

When: each Wednesday at 11:00-12:00


4-Class Pass: 60 EUR/ 4 sessions

(valid for 5 weeks)

Drop in: 18 EUR

Try-out discount code*: FIRSTTIME (40% off drop-in price)

*if you've never taken a class with Petra

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