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Yoga for Inner Clarity and Outer Focus

I’m sitting here contemplating a catchy title that contains enough key words to have Mr Google favour this article enough to deliver to it to you in case you search for a little clarity boost, and the yoga fundamentalist in me is screaming, isn’t all of yoga leading us to inner clarity?

It surely is, but on some days, certain practices can be more handy than others. If you feel a bit overwhelmed and the mind is extra busy, shaking tension off of body through rhythmical movement aligned with your breath is definitely a good choice.

I love this 40 min flow because it combines standing balancing poses with accessible inversions. Both groups promote focus, but there’s something about inverting your body upside down that pacifies the “vrittis”, the turbulent thoughts, and brings clarity to mind.

Head supported Adho Mukha Svanasana, Down Dog, is my secret favorite alternative to inversions that really helps me get grounded, rests the brain, refreshes the mind while taking off the intensity of inverted balances. Down Dog is still technically an inversion, because your heart is below the hips and above the head, and also an arm balance, because your arms serve as a base for the pose.

The versatility of yoga is brilliant as it really provides such an array of tools to choose from depending on the type of practitioner you are, that all lead to the ultimate goal – peace of mind. You just need to choose the right path for you.

So, unroll your mat, get your props, and join me for the journey of yoga towards yoga.

“Yoga chitta vritti nirodha”

Yoga is the state in which all mental and emotional fluctuations have become still.

Sutra 1.2., translation by C. H. Wallis

Props: You will need a yoga block. Folded blanket or a bolster are optional for seated postures.

Feel free to take a luxury version of final Savasana with bolster(s) under the knees, blocks under your heels and a flat cushion under your head. Cover yourself with a blanket.

If you found value in this practice, your interaction such as comments, likes, saves and sharing with friends is great support for me as well as motivation to create more free content. It is scary to create for the void of YouTube or social media. Knowing there's real people on the other side who enjoy my content brings joy and, well, humanity into this endeavor. :)

Thank you for reading all the way and I look forward to sharing more yoga with you next week.



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