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Mobility, Movement & Stretching

This class is such a chameleon, at least when it comes to its description. What started as Stretching & Flexibility class, steadily grew into this smart animal of mobility, tension release and intelligent movement class. We still wonder with my students how to describe it best. :D


So what happened?

Well, stretching itself is simply not the goal anymore.

“But Petra, everyone wants to be flexible!” 

I will argue about that. My guess is that what you really want is to be ELASTIC! To have muscles that contract when needed and bounce back to relaxed state, when resting. You probably want to have certain level of mobility in your joints while keeping them stable, too. You want to be IN your body and you want to “operate” it with skill.


That way you can move freely, with joy and ease and to your best physical potential safe from injury.


In order to explore these qualities and establish them in our bodies, we use range of techniques including but not limited to mobility training (Kinstretch inspired), myofascial release, active stretching, functional movement, Yoga asana elements, breath-work techniques etc. Oh, and we are having fun, because what relaxes your body-mind more than sharing laughter with a community? ;)


So what's in it for you?


If you join this class regularly, you will

  • Release tension in muscles

  • Increase elasticity of tissue and mobility of joints

  • Stabilize your body

  • Deepen your body awareness

  • Reduce pain from sedentary lifestyle

  • Prevent injuries

  • Feel free and healthy in our body


This class is great on its own, as an addition to your yoga practice or to your sports routine. 


If all of the above sounds foreign to you, do not despair. Come and try with a 40% discount on your first class with discount code “FIRSTTIME” (use at booking). 

We practice in a small group of maximum 10 people, in a safe and cosy environment and with respect to every participants ability, level and energy on a given day. Your body’s intuition always comes first in our classes.

If you’re still unsure, ping me an email or a message on social media. I'd be happy to chat with you and address any of your concerns. 

When: Mondays 19:30-20:45

Where: In person in Etterbeek (rue Champ du Roi), Brussels



Supporter: 18 EUR

Regular: 15 EUR

Try-out discount code*: FIRSTTIME (40% off "supporter" price)

*use if you've never taken a live class with Petra

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