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"We live in a world were productivity and efficiency is valued over humility and humanity. Where emotions and their expressions are considered weakness or disturbance. Trying to fit in separates us from our Selves and creates emotional and mental struggle and dis-ease of the body. 

Yoga with its eight limbs offers tools that help us see through the “programmed”, to get in touch with our true Selves and eventually abide in them. When enjoyed consistently, yoga is like water – little by little it will carve its way through the illusion into our true Core. It will softly help us heal our wounds and transform our lives towards our greatest potential as human beings, so we can live fully, in meaningful relationships with ourselves, our loved ones and in community."


― Petra



I've graduated from 200hr yoga teacher training with Himalaya Yoga Valley under the guidance of Yogacharya Lalit Kumar and his team. I am trained in the Art of Yoga Sequencing with Jason Crandell, in prenatal and postpartum yoga and baby massage with appleyoga, in nervous system regulation through the vagus nerve with Jessica Maguire. I am currently enrolled in Yin Yoga training with Arhanta Ashrams, and I'm diving into various aspects of yoga with Kaya Mindlin beyond formal training. I've been teaching yoga since early 2018. 


I am a firm believer in and advocate of accessibility of yoga for all people regardless their background, ability, shape or age. Traditionally, yoga is practiced by people young and old in order to prevent or treat illness, maintain good health and enjoy longevity but most importantly to free and still the mind and connect with oneself. There is so much more to yoga than touching your toes or attempting complicated postures. I would be delighted to show you that wherever you are on your journey, yoga is for you and you can benefit from this transformative practice.


I still remember the first time I stood on a yoga mat in spring 2012. It was an online class with Jason Crandell that felt too easy compared to my HIIT workouts, yet I stuck with it for a while, as it was giving me this hard-to-understand sensation of “something more than just movement”. I wasn’t ready yet, but the seed was planted.

I truly fell for the practice in 2015 in search of gentler alternative to my workouts and a tool to manage my unbearable monkey mind. I started practicing once a week and eventually added a daily self-practice. Couple of years later our yoga teacher moved abroad, and I was asked to guide our group of yogis instead. It was early 2018 and none of us wanted to give up our Wednesday evenings of togetherness that we cherished so much.

Knowing I would have responsibility for the group’s two hours long practice, I dove straight into study of yoga, anatomy and teaching principles. I felt such deep satisfaction, fulfillment, humility and joy when learning to teach and when actually guiding people through their practice, it took my breath away. I felt in my element.

​Fast forward two years, burnout and chronic illness forced me out of my fast-paced job of a policy adviser in the European Parliament and into strange vacuum. Yoga has proven to be such an effective and comforting tool in pain, fatigue and anxiety management, both in form of my practice as well as a teacher. It was the gratitude to my yogis and their dedication to the classes that gave me purpose after life turned upside down. It was the grounding and soothing effect of the most delicate and gentle practices that helped me get up in the morning and make it through the day. 

Now I am here. Here I am now. 

This is where Sharing Yoga was born. Out of the desire to share what I’ve been experiencing -  the power of yogic practice in bringing mind to peace, people to themSelves and our views of ourselves and the world into true perspective. 

Today’s world is over-connected, always buzzing, demanding more. I invite you to slow down instead, to connect to your heart and to come home to your true Self. I would be honored to be your guide on this journey to yoga.



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